Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Being Thankful

It's the season.  Sadly, it takes the season for us, particularly me, to even consider what I am thankful for.  Maybe I'm too preoccupied with the concerns of the moment, maybe I'm wrapped too much into my little part of the world to realize all the great things that happen in life.

Regardless of what it is, the very fact I'm writing about the things I'm thankful for is a step in a direction I've never gone.  Even if it's triggered by the season.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

I have a beautiful wife.  She's not just pretty on the outside, she's got a heart of gold.  She gives constantly and selflessly.  She's brilliant.  She puts up with my huge list of weaknesses.  My selfish tendencies, poor ability to communicate, fleeting desires and interests, inconsistent moods.  She celebrates my strengths, seeing parts of me that can be obscured by my weaknesses - but are really, and intentionally, there.  She is, in many ways, what I could only aspire to be.

I have an incredibly talented, sharply intelligent, witty, wise beyond his years son.  I take very little credit for him, I'm absolutely floored by how everyone around him has helped him turn into the young man he is, limited only by his own intent and desire to be what he wants to be.  He somehow finds ways to live and grow within my constraints - those same things my wife puts up with - and enjoy spending time together with his dad.

And, while it may seem strange, I am thankful for my ex.  Despite all my weaknesses, all my failings, all the challenges I create and present, she persevered for 15 years, and even after the difficulties of our separation and divorce she has managed to find the reserve of patience to allow us to maintain a peaceful relationship.  Her investment in our son is clear and apparent, the influence of her husband on our son is constructive; my son will be a better man for all the differing perspectives.

I'm healthy and fit, fortunate to have a relatively deep athletic capability, and have the opportunity to develop and use that ability and fitness doing one of the things I love: riding a bicycle.  I'm thankful that I have that opportunity, and that I have been able to turn that opportunity into once-in-a-lifetime events that will always be in my memory.

I have the world's perfect dog.  I've never been a dog person, I have an affinity for cats, but my wife brought her into our family and, somehow, this pup has somehow found her way into my heart.  She's attentive, energetic, but peaceful and quiet when the time demands.  She is a perfect fit into our little family.  I couldn't have hoped for a more perfect first dog, and that's still not saying enough.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to make good contribution to good things, being asked to contribute, being recognized for what I have to offer, and being part of greater and growing organizations.  I am truly fortunate to be recognized for my contributions and to have those contributions lead to greater and greater involvement.

And I'm thankful for each and every one of you, every one of you who takes the time to read my thoughts and ideas, every one of you who gives me comments and feedback that leads me to more ideas and writing.

Be careful, please have a safe and happy Holiday season.

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