About Me

I lead a pretty boring life.

I work, I ride, I eat, I sleep.  Somewhere in the gaps, I spend time with my lovely wife and an incredibly talented son, while slicing time to study for my degree.

The Basics

My name is Chris, although my bicycle club and racing teammates call me "Rooster" because I'm a bit cocky and have a propensity to crow.

I work in Information Technology and Information Security, but I don't let my job define who I am; instead, I let the sum total of what I do describe me.

I'm married to a loving, wonderful, and exceptionally beautiful, and even more exceptionally tolerant woman, one who knew what she was getting into when she said "Yes".  Still not sure what possessed her to do that, but I'll take it despite hardly deserving her.  She doesn't ride, which is probably a good thing.

I have the most incredibly talented son: a gymnast, brilliantly intelligent.  My son rides a little, but is a little intimidated by his dad (me); for him, it's opportunity to ride with dad.  He is insightful and knowledgeable beyond his years, and I watch with excitement to see how he matures as he becomes a teenager.


Believe it or not, there are other things I do besides work and bicycle.

Our family loves to go camping.  There are some very nice State Parks here in Texas, some of our best experiences and memories as a couple and family are from these trips.  We don't necessarily "rough it", I think my wife and I are (generally) past the point of sleeping on rocks and roots.

Combined with our love for camping is the general love for the outdoors.  We like to be active outside:  hiking, walking, rollerblading.

I also love to swim.  I'm an exceptionally good swimmer if not terribly fast.  Just like my riding habit, given the opportunity I'll spend hours in the water with few breaks.  I'll push my limits, every chance I can.

I like to travel, I like to find new and different things.  I've been to some every interesting, diverse places that opened my eyes to the greater world we live in.  My travels have lifted the veil of presupposition and perception about other cultures in my mind, and I have a much more open view of the world as a result.  There are a lot of stories here, I'm sure I'll eventually tell some of them.

I am a developing scotch aficionado, which is another story I'll eventually tell.  I have a strong preference for Speyside, woody and oaky scotches with strong dessert spices and a touch of sweet.  I have a great appreciation for others, but I'm just not a fan of big smoke, big peat, or overly light scotches.  My go-to is Balvenie Doublewood 12.

Technology and general sciences are a huge attraction.  My interests cover nearly the entire range of both, particularly when the science can be made practical to change our world or when the science opens new paths of reality and imagination.  Particle physics, nutrition sciences, astronomy, astrophysics, biology; many, many fields of study.    I watch countless scientific video channels on YouTube, and I read Discover Magazine cover to cover every month; when I fly I pick up Scientific American for the flight.

Other Administrative Stuff

Contacting Me: I love getting mail.  If you want to contact me, please feel free to drop me a line at my e-mail address.  I try very hard to be thoughtful with everything I write, so please have patience as I may be slow to respond.

If you have questions about my blog, or suggestions for blog entries, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Reprints and Quoting: If you'd like to quote or reprint anything I write, please contact me.  I'm waiting on the edge of my seat, anticipating discovery.  Ok, seriously, I'd just to know where my thoughts might show up.  I keep a copy of every published article I've written.

Disclaimer: Everything I write represents my own thoughts and opinions.  There is no guarantee they are well-reasoned, insightful, or well-informed; they certainly do not represent the opinions of anyone or anything I reference or may be associated.

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